Profemur® Preserve

Short Stem Philosophy

Each Profemur® hip stem is designed in line with an established stem philosophy, incorporating features that have been in the market for several years and improving on those features with proven materials and instrumentation. The Profemur® line of Hip Stems gives a surgeon access to the broadest range of philosophies along with a clinically established product line.

Short Stem Philosophy

Designed to conserve bone in a primary Total Hip Arthroplasty, the Profemur® Preserve hip stem offers a shorter design that allows more of the patient’s natural bone to remain in place as compared to a longer distal stem. This stem also features a reduced lateral shoulder and curved distal geometry ideal for tissue sparing surgical techniques such as the Superior and Direct Anterior approaches. Plasma spray coating and the “tri-taper” geometry are designed to allow for initial fixation and proximal load transfer to discourage bone resorption typically caused by stress shielding.

Profemur® Preserve History

Successful THA outcomes have driven the average patient age down, but younger patients are more active and face an increased risk of implant failure (1). The challenges that current THA products on the market have to face to address this younger population include the preservation of the proximal femoral bone, the potential need for an effective femoral component revision, proximal-distal mismatch in femoral morphology, excessive femoral bowing, dyaphiseal deformities or pre-existing hardware and the ability to insert implants safely and reproducibly with, for example, minimally invasive approaches (e.g. direct anterior)(2).  Short, uncemented stems have been developed with the intent to address some of these design challenges, while aiming for the current level of clinical success of conventional length stems.

Design Features

• Driving Platform

Dimple and oval slot designed for unidirectional loading and rotational control during stem insertion, respectively.

• Lateral Shoulder

Reduced material helps to conserve bone and ease insertion.

• Sizes

Available in sizes 1-12

• Proximal Titanium Plasma Spray

Tapered spray to provide additional 1mm (0,5mm/side) proximal and 0,2mm (0,1mm/side) distal press fit.

• Distal Surface

Grit-blasted design.


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Individual results and activity levels after surgery vary and depend on many factors including age, weight and prior activity level. There are risks and recovery times associated with surgery and there are certain individuals who should not undergo surgery.

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